In the beginning...


Philip Woolley, founder of Soap DeluxeAt the age of 55 (just over 6 years ago) I was made redundant and the prospect of finding work that I wanted was getting slimmer and slimmer by the week? So what to do with my time? Simple, I should make soap of course!


Let me explain …

After months of enjoying my freedom from corporate life which started out as bliss, it very soon became clear that I had to find something to fill my time and pay the bills. There was little prospect of me getting something that I really wanted even at just the tender age of 55, but was I too old for the job market and what did I really want to do with the rest of my working life?


A chance watching of a television program changed my life for ever.

Hand crafted soaps from Soap DeluxeIt brought that spark back into my life, a reason to get up in the morning, a realisation that I could use my artistic skills and business management experience to create something useful, beneficial and “clean”! To make a product, a thing of beauty, something that used the most expensive ingredients I could find and something that was as near natural as I could get it without all the “nasty” chemicals in. It would become my passion and drive.


There followed months of watching “how to” videos, and buying every book that I could get my hands on to learn how to make soap. I didn’t want to go down the road of buying ready made fragrances that so many others used so I started teaching myself how to combine essential oils to create beautiful sometimes very unusual fragrances. I learnt about top, heart and base notes and how they played their part in a fragrance. I wanted expensive oils such as Jasmine and Rose absolutes to go into my products. Others said I was crazy using such expensive ingredients in “just soap.” But that was the point, it was just what I wanted. To get that thrill of creating a blend that other’s would smell and say, “wow” that was what I was looking for.


Premium Soaps beautifully packagedTotem Wolf beard oilExpertly crafted fragrances


I was teaching myself how to create a new business that was based on a passion to please, about luxury and to develop it into a strong recognisable and viable brand.


The idea of Soap Deluxe had been born.


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