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Love this soap ! Firstly the packaging , wow , so much attention to detail , looks so good if you were buying as a gift for someone it would be a shame to wrap it , just hand over as is . The soap is unlike any I've used before , the colours are beautiful and the fragrance is perfect , not overly strong but it stays with you for hours . Of course it's all about the lather and I wasn't disappointed , it's great . As someone who has suffered from dry skin problems for a long time I can honestly say this has started to disappear since using this soap . Thank you for a wonderful product I will definitely be buying more .
HI Philip, me and my wife would like to thank you for introducing us to your amazing product of soap, we have fallen in love with it . It feels great on your skin and leaves an outstanding fresh smell. We will be in touch in the near future for more soap thank you once again. Colin & rebecca
Firstly thank u very much for my soap, liked the packaging-some said smelt too subtle but not having that overpowering smell suits me.Have been using it & I think very good-lather fine,nice feel & it hasn't shrunk to nothing after few uses. Thank you.
Going into hospital was not something I was looking forward to but I took a bar of your soap and it made so much of a difference whilst in there. It made me feel really good and I just can't wait to get my hands on more of it. Thank you.
I have never used any kind of soap on my face until I tried my sample of Soap Deluxe. BEAUTIFUL! It made my face feel so soft and I had missed this all these years. When the business launches I am certainly going to be a client. Thank you Philip for starting this great business. Good luck, not that you will need it with such great soap.
Can't thank you enough for my sample of Eucalyptus, Lavender and Patchouli with the blue poppy seeds. Funny thing is that when I used it my skin made a "squeaky" kind of sound, guess that's why they say your soaps make you squeaky clean! Love it and can see this being a great seller can't wait for the next sample to try. Please feel free to send as much as you like. Thanks Philip.
Lovely soap thanks for my sample Philip.It feels like you're doing some good when you us it on your skin as its all natural and you can tell. I have loved using the soap, and have seen the creator of this soap after his continued use and he looks younger !!!!
Thank you so much for the blue Eucalyptus and lavender soap is it fantastic. We unwrapped it and left it in the bathroom and it just makes the place smell fabulous. Can we have more as soon as we finish this bar? Thank you Philip for your kindness and generosity.
Hi Philip Just wanted to say that the Blue Eucalyptus and poppy seed sample was great. Couldn't stop using it and so looking forward to using more of your fantastic natural soap. Being a vegan it is wonderful to know that there are no chemicals and only natural ingredients in your soaps. Recyclable packaging which my soap was wrapped in means good news for the planet. Thank you so much.
Hi Philip, Just to say thank you so much for the fantastic sample of citrus soap - much too good to use though! Everyone in the office thinks it both looks and smells wonderful and fresh. Well done Philip - it's great to see our natural ingredients as such a superb finished product at last. We're sure you'll be a huge success. Many thanks & best wishes from Nicci and all at William Hodgson & Co
Hi Philip Thank you very much for my chocolate orange soap, it was almost good enough to eat, although I don't think it would taste as delicious as it smells! Not only is it a great to wash with, but the smell never dies and leaves the whole bathroom smelling gorgeous. Very impressed! Many thanks
Hey Philip, I got it!! Awesome! Thanks so much. I love the smell and the packaging. Can't wait to take a bath! Thanks so much.
Hi Philip They look and sound like they are divine Can almost smell the scents from way over here in Australia! Can't wait to try them.
I tried the Lemongrass with Calendula Petals.I was surprised to find this handmade soap has a very rich lather.It also has a very good moisturising content. It has an all round soothing effect on me.Nice. Jan.
Hey! Just wanted to say how much I luuurve the lemongrass and poppy seed soap - it actually managed to really help with a bit of shaving rash I used to suffer with... ! love it - wouldn't mind an edible version as well as it smells goooood! (am always being told I should wash my mouth out with soap and water - this smells good enough to make that a possibility!)
So glad I discovered your channel and site. You have gorgeous products.
Hi Philip Thank you so much for the soap. My wife loves it and said will definately be coming back to you. Great stuff
love your web site and soaps
The soaps are so beautiful and the fragrance blends are lovely. Beautiful packaging fit for a queen. Thanks Phil :}
Hi Philip, I received my package today and I love everything! You have not said too much about the Lemon Gardenia. Wow! It smells soo good! All the soaps look and smell amazing! You do such a great job in blending your scents and your soaps are rock hard. I think you are an incredible soapmaker! Thank you so much for the 'sample'. Well sample, it is just as big as the valentine's soap I received. So generous of you. Thanks again! Hugsx, Katja
If I was physically able to curl up and nap on your Lemon Gardenia soap, I would! The scent is the most beautiful combination of fragrances I have ever encountered. When I saw that there was another bar in the box, I thought how nice I can give one to my mom. But I am pretty sure I would have a hard time parting with anything so stunning. Your soap can make a sweet + giving girl such as myself into a selfish hoarder :) I have no idea how you do it but you are absolutely a master at perfumery + design. The delicate colors and swirls in your soaps do more than complement the bar, they enhance the experience to a whole new level. I am in complete awe of your talents!
Absolutely beautiful soaps. Probably my favourite I have ever used . Quality oils, beautiful lather and the packaging is superb. The blends are truly unique and the soaps hold their scent. Thankyou for creating such a wonderful product.
Truly sublime! Rich, nourishing ingredients pamper the skin. Luscious blends of pure essential oils rejuvenate the spirit and turn bath time into a luxurious experience. "Soap Deluxe" is absolutely the finest soap I have ever had the pleasure of using and at 57, I've tried more than a few! The generous bars are long-lasting, as well, which is an additional treat.I could go on and on about how great your soap is and how much I LOVE IT!
Got a nice little present from Philip a while ago, two bars of Totem Wolf soaps. Now not generally being a fan of soaps in general, as they dry my skin out, I was more than surprised by the soap. No dry skin after it's washed off, soft feeling skin thanks to the oils and ingredients used in the soap, and a better clean feeling afterwards. Best soap I've ever used. A big thanks from me.
Re:Soap order Hi Phil, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! When I finally got around to opening your beautiful packaging, I got to the soaps and my God they are all so beautiful, the botanicals on the Remembrance bar look so fresh and sweet. I think I will have to just cut a piece of each bar to use them, it's going to be hard because I just love looking at them and owning them. You are a perfictionist Sir. Thank you for the extra's a very kind gesture and much appreciated.
Beautifully Handcrafted in The UK by "SOAP DELUXE." My order arrived today in more than Perfect, All Around Form. I purchased "Delicious Daffodil" and "Lemon Gardenia". Soap Deluxe ran a promotion and I had try their product, I am SOOOO glad I did! They sent me 2 limited Edition Soaps I had admired on the website.
The "Valentine's Secret" Heart Soap (I NEED THIS SCENT IN A BAR!!! OH MY...TALK ABOUT 5 STAR HOTEL...NO, WAIT...BETTER THAN***** HOTEL QUALITY!!!" You left me "BREATHLESS" PHIL!!! I was also gifted a "Limited Edition Christmas Blend, Peace and Joy" Cupcake soap. (Looks good enough to eat!) First Rate packaging and Product Presentation from Soap Deluxe made this a truly Elegant Experience, one I will be returning for again! Thank You for everything! To Order, kindly visit
Hi Phil, I used the Gardenia soap bar at the weekend and It was like rubbing pure silk on my skin, just the slightest bit of warm water and the lather was sooooooooooo creamy, the scent to die for, The bar size is perfect to handle, I had to keep looking so that I wouldn't use the SD logo side of the bar because it looks so classy. I have two more bars to try, Remembrance and Refined Sophistication, it is so hard to use these beautiful creations. I have just placed an order for your limited edition Queens Jubilee soap, I hope you have some left. Yes Phil, your soaps are a little more expensive than most and for me (now retired from work) it is a considered luxury purchase....but hey a girl has got to treat herself and what better way than to bathe in pure luxury. Luv, Rene
Soap Deluxe products are simply the best of the best. They contain high quality oils and unique fragrance combinations created by Philip that are subtle and bloom in warm water. I can't say enough about Philip's soap line - each is unique and just exquisite. I recently ordered the Diamond Jubilee soap and am so excited to receive it. Suzy Whitten Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hi Phil, Just received my beautiful Jubilee soap, thank you. I could smell it before I took it out of its beautiful box. Blend 60 is fabulous, full of quality oils, the packaging as usual is first class. You know me now Phil, so you will know that I have to look at and own your soaps for a while before I use them, but will keep you posted. Just the silky feel of the bar, the beautiful smell and the fact that I have used your soaps before, I know just how wonderful this bar is going to be. Thank you again for a superb bar of soap and a great service as always. Luv, Rene x
Hi Phil, I See You - I received this wonderful Charity soap nearly two weeks ago. It was beautifully packed and presented as always, the blend of oils chosen are amazing, the bar itself looks so fresh and clean, it carries the same luxury qualities that all your products do and is finished to perfection as usual. I wish you every success for this very deserving cause. Luv, Rene x
Hi Phil, Loving your new photographs of your products and the new layout. they show off your gorgeous soaps, just as they should be shown off. Spectacular!! For anyone buying from Phil, his soaps are nice and strong essentail oils blends, my favourite is Blend 46 Ocean Citrus -
I have long admired Soap Deluxe, when the offer went up to lower his prices i knew this was my chance, my pkg arrived in the States within 3 days of being shipped and this included a Holiday, when i opened it all i could do was gaze at it it awe. seeing it on the web or on youtube does not do it justice! Pure Class!, I yelled at my husband to LOOK,OMG,LOOK, now that's just class! the bars and the scents are just as stunning! Mr.Phil has "raised the soap bar" I highly recomend treating yourself or picking up a bar as a special gift, you won't be dissapointed.
Hi Philip I just wanted to let you know that I just love your soaps especially the Lemon Gardenia. My skin has never looked better since I started using your soaps and I cannot wait to crack open my Framboise Noire soap. The new Luxury Standards soaps look amazing and I am coming back and ordering the Pear and the Fig and Almond.
Philip Is one of the most caring, thoughtful and most creative men i know. The effort and love that he puts in to making his beautiful soaps is invaluable. A perfect gift for that perfect someone by a perfect man!