Our Passion Statement


To ensure our customers have the very best we can make and can offer to them. With the passion to please by creating original, elegant and luxurious bath and body products, we can develop Soap Deluxe into a strong, recognisable and viable brand! We aim to be leaders in providing artisnal bath and body products and to provide inspiration for others through our openness and transparency.


Our Vision


To make a product that is a thing of beauty.

To make a product that is as near natural as we can make it without all the “nasty” chemicals in it.

To constantly look at creating new and unique fragrances by creating our “dream” fragrances or bespoke fragrances for our clients.

To have a passion to create beautiful bath and body products which use the best and expensive of ingredients on the market such as absolutes and to add these to our soap bar creations and range of products.

To ensure that all our products conform to all the necessary EU regulations and certifications, with traceability and conformity.


Here at Soap Deluxe we do everything with passion. Luxury is of paramount importance to us which is reflected in everything we do from initial concept of design , through to colourasion and most importantly, fragrance. We take great pride in getting it right first time and always have the end user in mind when we are creating. Based now in our new home at our studio in the heart of Manchester City centre, we strive to give great value and a professional approach to all our clients both wholesale and direct through our website..


As the business grows we are looking for more stockists but not so many that the market is flooded…we want to keep it uinique, select and quite exclusive, which creates a “want” for the brand. We are pleased to say that we have just competed a year working with a leading London department store, for which we are very proud. We offer high-end products, our products are all handmade, an important factor in controlling precise quality to reduced returns.


Come and join us, we would love to have you onboard.


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